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In the tragic event of your untimely death, your loved ones will receive Rs. 2 million. This amount will be doubled to Rs. 4 million if the death resulted from an accident. Premiums are very affordable and age-related.

AgeTermBasic Sum
1. Death benefit of Rs. 2 million paid upon untimely death
2. Accidental death benefit of additional Rs. 2 million, for death resulting from accident
3. Affordable premiums beginning at Rs. 23 per day (Rs. 690 monthly) at age 18.
4. Premiums payable monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually
For Sri Lankan citizens between 18 and 50 years.

About Union Assurance Online Insurance
Q: Do I need to visit a Union Assurance office or meet an agent to use this plan?
A: No! You can purchase your policy online in just a few simple steps.

About Clicklife
Q: How long does it take for policy approval?
A: Just 24 hours.

Q: In the event of partial or complete disability will I receive benefits?
A: No; this policy is an affordable way to cover untimely death. Disability is not covered.

Q: If I delay my payment will I still be covered under Clicklife?
A: No; delaying payments will cause the policy to lapse, preventing nominees from reaping the benefits of your cover.

Q: Does this policy offer life-cover against pandemic-related death?
A: Yes; if the policyholder’s death takes place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, within 12 months of beginning the Clicklife policy, the basic sum assured (Rs. 2 million) will be paid to his or her nominees. Union Assurance may extend this period at its discretion based on external factors, so call us on 1330 for details.

Q: Can I combine this policy with my other Union Assurance policies to get discounted premiums / better rewards?
A: Premiums paid on one Union Assurance policy have no effect on another Union Assurance policy. However, every premium paid via the Union Assurance Self-Care app earns reward points which can be redeemed with our partner merchants.

Q: Do I need to use the Self-Care App or register with the Union Assurance portal to maintain a Clicklife policy?
A: No; however, using the UA Self Service App or the portal provides a more convenient experience.

Q: Can I change my nominees?
A: Yes; submit a request to Union Assurance to change your nominee/s any time during your policy term.

Q: How could my dependents make a claim if necessary?
A: Claims can be made only in the event of the policyholder’s death. Union Assurance will require documents related to the death, for verification prior to releasing funds.

About Eligibility
Q: Do I need to be permanently employed to be eligible?
A: No, any employment status is admissible.

Q: I am not a Sri Lankan national. Can I still apply?
A: This policy is only for Sri Lankan citizens.

Q: I have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Can I still apply?
A: Our online policies are not designed for those with chronic medical conditions. Do give us a call for a more suitable solution.

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